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Real Time Tracking Services:

Welcome to! With using app TraceRoute, you can track exact location of your moving assets. Getting the location of a moving object is one thing but tracking entire fleets of vehicles, vessels, or aircraft in real time allows moment-by- moment decision-making for improved operational awareness. Ports, airports, transportation companies, and government agencies all can use TraceRoute’s Real-Time tracking technology to monitor moving assets and you can get more control of your assets from call center.

STOP Drunk ‘N’ Drive:

With Real Time Tracking System we have feature enabled that is call STOP Drunk ‘N’ Drive.This is very important for Public Safety which STOP Drunk Drivers to drive their vehicle on Road. This feature can give real time updates of drivers alcoholic or non-alcoholic situation and immediate inform call center from where they can take immediate action to prevent any odd future event.


TraceRoute will work on any device and any platform.With “TraceRoute” Application you can find shortest and fastest route of your destination. This will save lot of time, money and gas of your vehicle. Even able to location real time incidents to find detour and avoid traffic incidents. With TraceRoute Application, there will be 100’s of different features attached which can help lot for Moving Assets management. Some features explains as follows.

Improve Situational Awareness During Events:

In event of disasters strike, every second counts. Real-time situational awareness saves livesand helps protect people, property, and critical resources. That's why police, fire, and emergency management organizations at all levels of government can utilize TraceRoute’s Real-Time GIS capabilities in their operations and dispatching centers.

Personalized Location Mapping:

TraceRoute is having this great feature which can help any user to find their requirements from wherever they are living or standing on earth, identify nearest location of their requirements and user able to set multiple requirements with different time set which also having reminder options. It will also give best offers (if available from seller’s and service providers) to user as per their requirements. It can track through history of visits and will give options to customize user’s personalized mapping service. This feature will have enable / disable functions to adjust user’s priorities and also able to turn off unwanted functions permanently. This can save lot of time and money in user’s life.